New shops are popping back up, consumers are starting to again – albeit slowly - and business owners are looking to expand their operations. That can mean big business for the commercial real estate investor looking for a deal. But banks are still skittish about lending, so those looking for financing should appear like they know what they are doing. "Owning a few foreclosed houses doesn't prepare a real estate investor for the complicated process of becoming the owner of an apartment complex, office building, or a shopping center – that is, confidently navigating, negotiating, and securing a real estate loan for millions of dollars," writes author Michael Reinhard. Reinhard is a Houston-based commercial mortgage banker specializing in commercial real estate lending. Since 1995, he has underwritten more than $300 million in commercial loans. Reinhard walks readers through the process of creating a quality loan request, step by step. He covers everything, starting with the most basic of topics - what is a commercial mortgage – to much more advanced subjects, such as types of ownerships and real estate owned schedules. "Commercial Mortgages 101" is a useful tool for the business person looking to get into the commercial real estate market while prices are cheap.
Houston Business Journal
Michael Reinhard has accomplished more in 200 pages than several other courses in this field. His book has laid out a roadmap of the lender's requirements for successful commercial loan underwriting. In particular, chapter 2 gives commercial real estate investors a real appreciation of the details required to build a successful loan package. Michael's book is very appealing to beginners in the commercial loan origination business or real estate investors who want to gain a better understanding of the commercial loan process. I strongly recommend this book as a primer for anyone involved in the commercial real estate industry.
Core Investment Management Group
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