About the Book

think like a commercial real estate lender

Whether you’re a residential mortgage broker looking to break into the commercial mortgage brokerage business or a beginner real estate investor looking to transition from small residential properties to large commercial investment properties, learning how to think and speak like a commercial real estate lender will put you on an even playing field with the professionals.

Commercial Mortgages 101 takes you step-by-step through the entire process of applying for a commercial real estate loan and putting together a professional loan request package. Clarifying common industry terms such as “debt-service-coverage-ratio” and “balloon payment,” and including a sample Real Estate Owned (REO) Schedule, this easy-to-follow beginner’s guide touches on all key aspects of what can all too often be a mystifying and confusing process.

Commercial Mortgages 101 - a book for real estate investors and mortgage brokers

What You'll Learn

  • Correctly apply and use a variety of commercial mortgage terms and phrases
  • Read and interpret a lender’s preliminary loan proposal
  • Quickly size and underwrite a basic commercial real estate loan
  • Prepare a persuasive and professional looking loan request package
  • Identify the different types of non-income and income-producing commercial properties
  • Prepare a personal cash flow statement and calculate your true net worth and liquidity
  • Create and use the all-important Real Estate Owned (REO) Schedule
  • Choose the right form of ownership (including LP, LLC, Co-tenancy and others)
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