Commercial Mortgages 101 - a book for real estate investors and mortgage brokers

Commercial Mortgages 101

  • A practical guide to commercial real estate finance and commercial mortgages.
  • You need more than just a good credit score.
  • A must read for anyone looking for a commercial real estate loan.
Commercial Mortgages 101 is a step-by-step guide for both real estate investors and mortgage brokers, offering insight, practical tools and a thorough overview of commercial mortgage underwriting and credit analysis.


Readers will learn how to:

  • Think and speak like a commercial real estate lender
  • Quickly size and underwrite a basic commercial real estate loan
  • Prepare a personal cash flow statement and calculate true net worth and liquidity
  • Read and interpret a lender’s preliminary loan proposal
  • Create a Schedule of Real Estate Owned (REO Schedule)
  • Prepare a persuasive and professional loan request package
  • Choose the right form of ownership (including LP, LLC, Co-tenancy and others)
  • and more!

Get the knowledge that puts you on an even playing field with the pros.

Both thorough and timely, Commercial Mortgages 101 reveals what you need to know about commercial real estate loans and better still how this knowledge puts you on an even playing field with the professionals.



With interest rates at their lowest in a decade, a strong economy and commercial bank deposits and CDs paying nothing on your hard earned cash now is the time to invest in commercial real estate with borrowed money. But credit and underwriting issues can still pose challenges that prospective borrowers must overcome in order to qualify for competitive financing and mortgage terms they need and expect.
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